Aerodynamic axial flow FRP supplied by Excellent cooling tower are specifically designed for Cooling Towers and other efficiency critical applications
To ensure that the best performance is achieved and the power consumption and noise levels are as low as possible,it is of the most importants that the right fan is chosen Axial fiow fans are delta’s business. With an extensive product range and with a high level of technical support ‘Excellent cooling tower’are specifically designed for cooling towers and other efficiency critical applications.’Excellent cooling tower’energy efficient fan saves upto 30% power as compared to conventional aluminium fans.

Both axial (propeller type) and centrifugal fans are used in towers. Generally, propeller fans are used in induced draft towers and both propeller and centrifugal fans are found in forced draft towers. Depending upon their size, the type of propeller fans used is either fixed or variable pitch. A fan with non-automatic adjustable pitch blades can be used over a wide kW range because the fan can be adjusted to deliver the desired air flow at the lowest power consumption. Automatic variable pitch blades can vary air flow in response to changing load conditions.

FRP fan supplied by Excellent cooling tower are energy efficient fan which saves upto 30% power as compared to conventional aluminium fans.

Tough light weight hollow FRP blades
High corrosive resistance
Different standard pitch angles
Wide range of industrial air moving applications
Aerodynamically designed for maximum airlift and minimum air resistance
Higher efficiency and low noise level
Especially designed enegy efficient fans are induced drought axial type with adjustable pitch. Fan blades pitch is factory set and dynamically balanced.
Brief list of spares:-
Sparesparts of any type & make cooling tower is available with us Ex-stock

1. Alu. Alloy fan blades and fan assembly – 500mm dia. To 6000mm dia.
2. FRP Hollow Fan blades and assembly – 1500mm dia to 10000mm dia.

Heat Exchanger
With a view toward maximizing the performance of heat exchanger fans while lowering the cost of operation and inherent noise factors, TECH AXIAL has developed its TA1 Series of air cooled heat exchanger fans. These fans are available with adjustable pitch blades and are offered with different blade configurations to provide optimum cooling characteristics. The TECH AXIAL FANS are engineered with a unique airfoil design that produces reliable air movement for the lifetime of the equipment. The newly designed industrial fans will significantly improve their efficiency ratings, quietness, and cost of operation.